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Video Mystery Patient

See For Yourself What Your New Patients Experience at Your Office

Have you ever wondered what your new patients experience when they are at your office? If you have been curious how effective your staff’s presentations are or if you want to look for ways to improve your level of customer service, then you need to keep reading to learn more about my Video Mystery Patient service.

Mystery shoppers have been around for years, and are therefore, nothing new. However, video mystery shoppers, or in this case, video mystery patients, provide you with the ability to see firsthand what they experienced at your office. You can see with your own eyes how your staff treated them and how presentations were given.

Through the use of this innovative service, you can gather crucial information that will help you determine what is working and what areas need improvement. You will be able to tailor the overall experience of your new patients, which should increase your customer base and practice.

Think of the Video Mystery Patient service as a positive training tool that can be used with your employees. You can praise them on the great things they are already doing and offer some guidance in areas that are lacking.

How Video Mystery Patient Works

I have mystery patients around the country who are trained and ready to record their experiences at your office. My mystery patients will be matched to the profiles of your customers. They will use state-of-the-art hidden cameras to record the time spent at your practice. The cameras are discreet.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This saying also applies to evaluating how your new patients are treated. A written report by a mystery patient can be subjective, but a video is not. You can see what actually happened during his or her visit and no details are left out.


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